Top LeBron James Games You Need to Know About

A living legend, LeBron James has simply turned the world of NBA in his favour. One can easily know the level of his passion for the game from the fact that he chose to play instead of completing the college at a very tender age.

Ask any NBA fan and he will definitely mention james name. with fans spread all over the world, this player has shown some extra-ordinary play-off performances in the course of his game. He has played against the established players as a new-comer and has faced stiff competition from the new comers as well. In both the cases, he managed to garner even more fans.


Top Playoff by LeBron James

Here, we will walk you down the memory lane. We will give you top 10 performance of James in the playoff tournaments.

Eastern conference finals, Orlando, 2008: It was the second game and James’ team needed a point to even the tally. In the eleventh hour, he managed to get a game winning 3 pointer. On the individual level, he scored 35 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. In short, this was one of the classic nail-biting match.

Eastern conference, against Washington wizards, 2006: It would be unfair to even imagine the Washington wizards winning the game when the James storm got altogether 45 points! Eventually the team won.

Eastern conference finals, against Atlanta Hawks, 2015: Atlanta hawks were performing exceptionally and it looked that they may quash the dreams of the clavs. But then came James who made the win look like a cake-walk with 37 points.

NBA finals, against golden state warriors, 2016: The deadly pair of James and Irving pulled the match so seamlessly that it looked like a childs play. They together scored 33 out of 54 shots.

Eastern conference, against Brooklyn nets, 2014: In a tournament that was James’ career high, he scored 49 shoots up against Brooklyn nets. This one was special in the sense that the team of Brooklyn nets was made specifically to defeat James!

NBA finals, against san Antonio spurs, 2013: : James turned himself into an aggressor in the second half of the game to get a lead of 13 points. Unlike the earlier matches, James was rather passive in the first half. The spurs faced wrath of the sports analyst and fans alike for missed throws.

Eastern conference finals, vs. Indiana pacers, 2013: In a thrilling match against the Indiana pacers, James along with his team mates Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen guided the team to the victory in a 99-76 score board. James managed to get the free throw lines which definitely helped in the victory.

Eastern conference finals, vs. boston Celtics, 2012: The fear that the elimination puts into a player! This was the game where James needed to perform or else get eliminated from the tournament. He scored a whopping 45 points for the Miami heat. The match eventually ended up in a tie.

Eastern conference finals, against Detroit pistons, 2007: James was just 22 when this match was played. It was indeed a nail-biting match but the ultimate result was delivered with James‘ 25 points towards the end of the game.

Eastern conference finals, against orlando magic, 2009: The cavs managed to win this game with James scoring 35 points. Not only that, he had five assists and four rebounds.

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