Basketball Shooting Tips – 10 Immediately Call to Actions

If you are a player on a tea, the main goal is to get the ball in the basket and score. Stealing and dribbling are also important; however, if you cannot get the ball in the basket, you cannot score. If you want to improve your basketball shooting percentage, there are A few basketball shooting tips that you should know. When you know how to shoot A ball the right way, you can really improve your game.


Tip #1: Locate the Rim Earlier

One great way to improve your shot and make more baskets is to locate the rim earlier. If you can focus on the rim just a second before you make the shot, it will give your brain more time to judge the distance and focus on the rim subconsciously. If you get into the habit of doing this, you will find that you are scoring more in each game.


Tip #2: Hold Your Follow Through

If you are having trouble shooting, you should focus more on your follow through. When you get into the habit of holding your follow through, your shooting technique will be perfect without you needing to take the time to think about it.


Tip #3: Relax Your Wrist After Taking the Shot

A common mistake that many players make is keeping their wrist tense after shooting. This will slow down the ball and even change your aim A bit. A sure fire way to make the shot is to relax your wrist enough after you let the ball go that your wrist bounces on its own. This means that your wrist is completely relaxes.


Tip #4: Use A Colourful Ball During Practice

If you want to find out what you are doing wrong when you take A shot, you should use A colourful ball while you practice. The different colours on the ball will let you see which way the ball is rotating when you shoot it. It will also allow you to see what you are doing wrong so that you can make the necessary corrections. When you are playing in a game with a regulation ball, you should see that your shots are improving.


Tip #5: Don’t Think Too Much During Games

When you are in the middle of a game, you should not think about your shooting mechanics. This is something that you should be doing during practice. If you are doing this during games, you will lose your rhythm. You will also start over-correcting, which will make you miss the shot every time. When you are in the middle of a game, you shouldn’t think about anything but what is happening on the court.


Tip #6: Shoot With the Correct Arc

Your arc has A lot to do with whether or not you will make the shot. Many beginners shoot with A 25 to35-degree arc. An arch at this angle increases the margin for error. If you switch to a 45-degree arc, you can improve your chance of making the shot every time.


Tip #7: Stay Loose and Fluid When Taking Your Shot

When taking a shot, you want your movements to be fluid, consistent, and balanced. You want to avoid stopping in the middle or making any jerking motions. This is something that takes some practice, however, when you get the hang of it, you will be A better shooter. The best players in the NBA make controlled, fluid shots.


Tip #8: Set the Ball As Quickly As Possible

When you have possession of the ball, you should get it into the shooting position as quickly as possible. This will help allow you to take your shot sooner before you have too many players from the opposing team covering you. The optimal set point is anywhere between your hips and your shoulders.


Tip #9: Film Your Shot

During your practices, you should film yourself taking your shots. Filming your practices will let you see the mistakes that you are making so that you can easily correct them. It is better that you see the mistakes that you are making rather than having them explained by someone else. After filming A few practice sessions, you should start noticing that you are sinking more baskets than before.


Tip #10: Don’t Hang In the Air Like Kobe

Anyone who is into basketball knows that Kobe Bryant. He can hang and shoot. If you are working to be able to shoot like Kobe, you are wasting your time. Rather than trying to mimic Kobe, you should be taking the shot when you are about an inch away from the height of your jump. Trying to shoot like Kobe will just result in major frustration and plenty of time on the bench during games.

If you follow the shooting tips listed above, you should be able to improve your game. Making these changes can be the difference between being A second string player and being A first string player.