Basketball Training Drills: Male VS Female Players

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There are quite a few differences when it comes to male and female baseball training. Many of these differences have something to do with the rules of this game. These differences also extend to the style in which the game is played as well as its overall popularity. In all the pieces of training, men seem to score a few more points as compared to their female counterparts. This is although all players have high skill levels. Research further reveals that the difference between male and female basketball training is minimal. This is because both of them must train to get bigger and stronger. At the same time, the practice is aimed to increase the speed of the players as well as make them jump higher. Training also allows players to play better defense, get more athletic and be in a better condition.

One on hand, female players, must train extremely hard for them to compete on the court. This type of requirement is the one that necessitates a well-thought-out training program.

When analyzing these differences, it should be understood that strength is one of the catalysts for enhancing athleticism. Similarly, athleticism is the catalyst for providing a solid foundation when it comes to developing a skill. Therefore, getting strong is the foundation of playing a better game. This includes playing better defense, improving your rebounding capabilities as well as playing man-to-man defense.

In this regard, this article has listed some sample exercises that are very effective for female basketball athletes. At first, some of these exercises might seem more appropriate for male players. But, they are highly recommended for female players who want to perform better on the court.

Women’s training prompts them to play at an optimal body composition regardless of the position. Also, women training does not make them gain weight as compared to their male counterparts. This is because they have fewer hormones that are responsible for muscle hypertrophy. Therefore, women tend to develop functional strength without necessarily adding the unwanted size.

Moreover, when female basketball players train they become more confident as compared to their male counterparts whose primary aim is to add weight. The confidence gained from the training can also be translated to toughness during the game. Women also develop better self-esteem after an intensive training program. Below are some of the recommended pieces of training for female basketball athletes.


Power Cleans

This is one of the basic exercises that are highly recommended for female athletes. This training is also considered to be the easiest to learn and perform. It works best for the entire body and at the same time increases the amount of power you can put in the ground. Successful completion of this exercise will enable female players to jump higher and run faster.


Front Squats

This type of training is considered to be the best for female players especially for those looking to build their lower body. This exercise typically places less stress on the back than the back squat. Eventually, the bar can easily be dumped forward when a failed rep is felt. This training fits women since it does not involve lifting of heavyweights as compared to men.