Basketball Training Drills: Male VS Female Players

There are quite a few differences when it comes to male and female baseball training. Many of these differences have something to do with the rules of this game. These differences also extend to the style in which the game is played as well as its overall popularity. In all the pieces of training, men seem to score a few more points as compared to their female counterparts. This is although all players have high skill levels. Research further reveals that the difference between male and female basketball training is minimal. This is because both of them must train to get bigger and stronger. At the same time, the practice is aimed to increase the speed of the players as well as make them jump higher. Training also allows players to play better defense, get more athletic and be in a better condition.

One on hand, female players, must train extremely hard for them to compete on the court. This type of requirement is the one that necessitates a well-thought-out training program.

When analyzing these differences, it should be understood that strength is one of the catalysts for enhancing athleticism. Similarly, athleticism is the catalyst for providing a solid foundation when it comes to developing a skill. Therefore, getting strong is the foundation of playing a better game. This includes playing better defense, improving your rebounding capabilities as well as playing man-to-man defense.

In this regard, this article has listed some sample exercises that are very effective for female basketball athletes. At first, some of these exercises might seem more appropriate for male players. But, they are highly recommended for female players who want to perform better on the court.

Women’s training prompts them to play at an optimal body composition regardless of the position. Also, women training does not make them gain weight as compared to their male counterparts. This is because they have fewer hormones that are responsible for muscle hypertrophy. Therefore, women tend to develop functional strength without necessarily adding the unwanted size.

Moreover, when female basketball players train they become more confident as compared to their male counterparts whose primary aim is to add weight. The confidence gained from the training can also be translated to toughness during the game. Women also develop better self-esteem after an intensive training program. Below are some of the recommended pieces of training for female basketball athletes.


Power Cleans

This is one of the basic exercises that are highly recommended for female athletes. This training is also considered to be the easiest to learn and perform. It works best for the entire body and at the same time increases the amount of power you can put in the ground. Successful completion of this exercise will enable female players to jump higher and run faster.


Front Squats

This type of training is considered to be the best for female players especially for those looking to build their lower body. This exercise typically places less stress on the back than the back squat. Eventually, the bar can easily be dumped forward when a failed rep is felt. This training fits women since it does not involve lifting of heavyweights as compared to men.


Athletic Wearable Tech

The use of wearable technologies in sports has gained momentum among athletes in different sports. When it comes to this technology,basketball has been slow in joining this industry, but this situation is now quickly changing. Due to improved research and developments in basketball, many healthy products have been developed. All these products are aimed in improving the player’s performance as well as making the game more enjoyable.


Leading organizations have also gone a step further to approve some wearable techs for use during games. The same scenario has also been embraced by make players in this filed. Besides, tech wearable are used to monitor workloads, movements as well as minimize injuries when playing.If this trend continues, then there is room for more innovations. For instance, coaches will be using wearable technology to supplement every observation on players as well as any strategy that should be used in when the game is in progress.Below is a list of wearable techs are are commonly used in basketball.


This is a recent innovations in basketball and it really doing great. What happens is that an athlete is given a tiny tracker that he or she clips to his waistband. These trackers are designed in such a way that they goes beyond their normal functioning. It is also enhanced with sensors which are in a continuous motion.This feature is the one which makes them to easily monitor various performance metrics of the player. The equipment is also designed to detect critical events such as rotation, acceleration and jump height in real-time.



ShotTracker is made of various components that make it functional. To begin with it has a wrist sensor which is designed in such a manner that it slides towards wristband or shooting sleeve. It also contains a sensor that attaches to into the net and then ShotTracker app. ShotTracker is programmed to remain in sleep mode until the time when the player starts making shots.

The sensor is lightweight a feature that does not burden the player he is wearing it. An alert is sent to the net sensor using a wrist sensor.All these activities are supposed to take place when the player releases the ball . Subsequently,other shots are recorded using net sensors. This makes it easier for an athlete to get feedback on every attempt to determine whether it fails or succeeds.It can also record all percentages of shots made. Moreover, coaches may rely on the application to recommend training drills that can help an athlete to improve their game.



Currently, uniform makers are using technology to come up with clothes that help in monitoring how players perform in the court. What usually happens is that they integrate textiles and technology to control.To some extent an athlete’s health condition during and after exercising. Other textile companies have gone to a step ahead to create custom fitness wears that are used in monitoring natural occurrences. For instance, these wear can control heart rate, temperature, brainwaves, and emotions.


VERT Wearable Jump Monitor

The VERT is used to simplify various roles played by coaches especially when giving instructions. For instance, it instructs how high they are supposed to jump when instructions are given. This equipment is clipped onto an athlete’s waist to get some metrics on his jump height and jump. players can also attach this equipment via a VERT clip or by just integrating it within an article of clothing. VERT can be used in any sport that involves jumping


SolidShot Smart Sleeve

SolidShot Smart Sleeve guides athletes on how to improve their shooting as well as maintaining consistency.Moreover,this equipment typically analyzes any movement made by the player .Monitoring of these movements is made possible using multiple sensitive chips located inside an athlete’s shooting arm. These sensitive chips typically also recognize a throw and give instant feedback as soon as a throw is made. All data related to an athletes performance is gathered from all chips that are located in different locations. Using this equipment instant feedback helps players to build muscle memory. As a result,an athlete will be able to know what he should work on before making shooting again.



Basketball Team Building Exercises and Games To Strengthen Teamwork

Basketball is a sport that emphasizes team effort in order to win. In order for your basketball team to move as one in defense, offense and strategy, your players must be in tune with one another both on and off the court.

Looking for ways on how you can forge a strong bond between your players? Here are some great basketball team building exercise and games you can try:


Pass The Ball

Form a circle with your players in groups of 5 to 8. The exercise starts when one player passes the ball and calls out the name of the member as they pass. The game’s objective is that each player should have the ball at least once so that every player remembers their teammate’s names. It’s great if you have a number of newer players going on board. You can incorporate passing practice by dictating how they should pass the ball, i.e., overhead pass, chest pass or a bounce pass. Ball sharing encourages assists and communication between teammates.


The Tangled Knot

Divide the whole team in groups of 4 to 9, with each group forming a circle and facing each other. Have the players spread out one arm and take ahold of the forearm or hand of the player next to them. After that, have all players reach into the circle with the other hand and grab another player’s hand or forearm. The result is a “knot” of tangled players. The objective of this exercise is to untangle themselves without breaking hand or forearm contact. This team building practice can be completed with teamwork and effective communication.


The 24 Second Drill

Have your entire team form a straight line on the court’s baseline and hold hands. Then, instruct them that they should run to the opposite baseline and back within 24 seconds without breaking the hold. Set a timer for 24 seconds. The objective here is that your basketball team should be able to complete this drill within 24 seconds or less. Once again, effective communication is the key to successfully doing the 24 Second Drill; your players will have to figure out that they need to walk or sprint at the same pace. From here you’ll be able to see leaders emerge; they will be the ones who shout out instructions and can lead the team to move as one unit.


The Blindfold Obstacle Course

This game can be done with 3 players. Have one of your players blindfolded and the other two giving out instructions without ever making physical contact with the blindfolded player. Set up an obstacle course or a maze that the blinded player should navigate through. The objective is to make it to the end of the maze or obstacle course. Here, the players develop a fine balance between communicating and giving out instructions. Also, you can learn which players are effective in communicating and in leading through challenging situations.


Go For A Team Outing

Team building activities are great if you have a basketball team that you’d like to bond fairly quickly. Depending on your location and what your players like to do, you can plan a basketball team building event that could last anywhere from a few days to a whole week.

Choose a date that’s convenient for everyone. Once you’re in the venue, just let the players interact with each other and have fun. You can allocate a portion of the outing for team building games or allow team bonding activities to unfold. Games can be fun and fairly competitive so they can show their skills and have conversations.


Catch The It

Have your players form a circle of 4 to 6 individuals with one player in the middle. The one in the middle should be able to touch everyone in the circle easily. The game starts when one player outside the circle names another player, who becomes “It”, then the “It” calls out another player in the circle, passing the “It” title. The one in the middle must touch the “It” before the title passes to another player. When the “It” is caught that player gets to become the middle person.

Don’t forget the potential of developing your players during the off-season. It could be drills, outings or events that strengthen your player’s bonds and love for basketball. You can have the would-be leaders come up with ideas for games, practices and drills and reward them accordingly. Those who strive to improve their team’s chemistry should be given a shout-out and praised for their efforts.


Basketball Shooting Tips – 10 Immediately Call to Actions

If you are a player on a tea, the main goal is to get the ball in the basket and score. Stealing and dribbling are also important; however, if you cannot get the ball in the basket, you cannot score. If you want to improve your basketball shooting percentage, there are A few basketball shooting tips that you should know. When you know how to shoot A ball the right way, you can really improve your game.


Tip #1: Locate the Rim Earlier

One great way to improve your shot and make more baskets is to locate the rim earlier. If you can focus on the rim just a second before you make the shot, it will give your brain more time to judge the distance and focus on the rim subconsciously. If you get into the habit of doing this, you will find that you are scoring more in each game.


Tip #2: Hold Your Follow Through

If you are having trouble shooting, you should focus more on your follow through. When you get into the habit of holding your follow through, your shooting technique will be perfect without you needing to take the time to think about it.


Tip #3: Relax Your Wrist After Taking the Shot

A common mistake that many players make is keeping their wrist tense after shooting. This will slow down the ball and even change your aim A bit. A sure fire way to make the shot is to relax your wrist enough after you let the ball go that your wrist bounces on its own. This means that your wrist is completely relaxes.


Tip #4: Use A Colourful Ball During Practice

If you want to find out what you are doing wrong when you take A shot, you should use A colourful ball while you practice. The different colours on the ball will let you see which way the ball is rotating when you shoot it. It will also allow you to see what you are doing wrong so that you can make the necessary corrections. When you are playing in a game with a regulation ball, you should see that your shots are improving.


Tip #5: Don’t Think Too Much During Games

When you are in the middle of a game, you should not think about your shooting mechanics. This is something that you should be doing during practice. If you are doing this during games, you will lose your rhythm. You will also start over-correcting, which will make you miss the shot every time. When you are in the middle of a game, you shouldn’t think about anything but what is happening on the court.


Tip #6: Shoot With the Correct Arc

Your arc has A lot to do with whether or not you will make the shot. Many beginners shoot with A 25 to35-degree arc. An arch at this angle increases the margin for error. If you switch to a 45-degree arc, you can improve your chance of making the shot every time.


Tip #7: Stay Loose and Fluid When Taking Your Shot

When taking a shot, you want your movements to be fluid, consistent, and balanced. You want to avoid stopping in the middle or making any jerking motions. This is something that takes some practice, however, when you get the hang of it, you will be A better shooter. The best players in the NBA make controlled, fluid shots.


Tip #8: Set the Ball As Quickly As Possible

When you have possession of the ball, you should get it into the shooting position as quickly as possible. This will help allow you to take your shot sooner before you have too many players from the opposing team covering you. The optimal set point is anywhere between your hips and your shoulders.


Tip #9: Film Your Shot

During your practices, you should film yourself taking your shots. Filming your practices will let you see the mistakes that you are making so that you can easily correct them. It is better that you see the mistakes that you are making rather than having them explained by someone else. After filming A few practice sessions, you should start noticing that you are sinking more baskets than before.


Tip #10: Don’t Hang In the Air Like Kobe

Anyone who is into basketball knows that Kobe Bryant. He can hang and shoot. If you are working to be able to shoot like Kobe, you are wasting your time. Rather than trying to mimic Kobe, you should be taking the shot when you are about an inch away from the height of your jump. Trying to shoot like Kobe will just result in major frustration and plenty of time on the bench during games.

If you follow the shooting tips listed above, you should be able to improve your game. Making these changes can be the difference between being A second string player and being A first string player.